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The Advantages of Paper Maps

Why are paper maps still around in a world where GPS navigation can be accessed easily from a smartphone or other portable device? Well, there are many advantages that paper maps hold over their electronic counterparts. When it comes to safety, maps are more reliable. Paper maps won’t lose signal or run out of battery right when you need them most. This makes them a valuable resource any time you’re traveling in inclement weather or through rural areas. If you accidentally spill water on your phone, or realize a charger is broken mid-trip, a paper map will be there to save you. 

A paper map offers many advantages over a GPS in non-emergency situations, too. A GPS always puts the user at the center of the map. This is helpful for showing the quickest route to your destination, but it doesn’t help you understand the bigger picture of the area you’re in. Paper maps are proven to better help people create their own mental maps. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re moving somewhere new. You’ll learn neighborhoods, major intersections, and points of reference much faster.

If you like to plan your own route ahead of time, paper maps are the best choice. Your GPS may offer a few route options, but customizing your own route is difficult. If you’re going on a trip, you might prefer to take the most scenic route rather than the fastest. Or you might want to plan fun detours, or pass by plenty of rest stops. When you use a paper map, finding the best route for you is easy.

Paper maps often include more information as well. For instance, thematic maps from Global Graphics include additional information about the area to serve as a basic tour guide as you travel. In addition to labeling points of interest, they provide the hours of operation, and even some inside tips. Transit maps highlight the routes of all public transportation. Street maps include specific details of a city, including the names of businesses. Road maps give a broader view and clearly show highways and major intersections. While your GPS may include some of these features, a paper map is clear to read without any zooming or jumping between screens.

You can also save a paper map, which makes it the perfect keepsake to remember a favorite trip. You can trace the route you drove and circle your favorite stops. Paper maps can be framed and placed on display or stored away in a photo album. Even decades later you’ll be able to retrace your journey and recall memories in detail. 

Bring a paper map next time you travel. We bet you’ll agree they still hold a couple advantages over a GPS. If you need an accurate and easy-to-read map, shop the full collection at Global Graphics.

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