California Wine Country Map


Features over 1,500 listings of wineries, address/phone & tasting info.


California Wine Country Map

The California Wine Country Map features over 1,500 listings of wineries, address/phone & tasting info.

A lot of book publishers send me, John Clayton, brochures on all the (so they say) great guide books they have on travel. Well some are boring, most are even more boring, and a few are just top notch. Falling into that latter category is a selection of, I think, very clever guidebooks called “City in Your Pocket.” I’ve got the one about New York in front of me, and it’s really super. 54 pages long, it covers such things as places of interest, hotels, entertainment, shopping, and of course, many maps. And yes, it fits into your pocket. Other maps I like from the same company are a Road Map of the USA, and a really fascinating one called “California Wine Map” in your pocket. I love the section that explains what wines go with what meals, and how you can tell if a wine is great, or not. If you’d like more information on these clever, truly informative guidebooks and ‘in your pocket’ maps, I’d suggest you call the publisher. John Clayton, KNX 10.70 NewsRadio Los Angeles

A “must-have” map for the wine traveler. I love driving in wine country. If you travel in search of wine, like I do, you’re going to love the newly published California Wine Map. This isn’t just one of those slick brochures published by the local wine country tourist board. It’s a full-fledged, state-of-the-art, satellite-generated map of California made by a well-known cartography company called Global Graphics. This topographically accurate map pinpoints 1,044 wineries and vineyards in California. All major highways are clearly shown, too, making it easy to plan a trip to the winery or wineries of your choice. On the back is an index that lists addresses, phone numbers and also lets you know whether their winery is open to the public…and on which days of the week. Anthony Dias Blue, KFWB Radio Los Angeles

A few months ago, someone wrote to me about the newly created “California Wine Map” and I reacted with a bit of a yawn. Such things are a dime a dozen, so it came as a surprise to me the map turned out to be one of the best inexpensive touring guides on the market. I took the map with me on a recent trip to Mendocino County and found it to be accurate, helpful and well worth its modest asking price of $6. Hundreds and hundreds of wineries are on the map, along with very valuable information about opening hours, tastings and tours. It would make a great stocking stuffer for any wine lover with a slight case of wanderlust. Charles Olken, Food Section, Oakland Tribune

I think your Calif. Wine Map is the best thing since the repeal of Prohibition. It’s comprehensive, it’s well laid-out, the wineries are clearly marked, and it actually works as a practical road map as well. I’ll be recommending it to my wine country-visiting friends. And you can quote me. Keep up the good work ! Michael L. Kinney, Assoc. Publisher, Wine & Spirits Magazine

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