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San Francisco Map Serving Tray

Maps make the perfect souvenir, especially of major cities such as San Francisco. You can mentally re-trace routes you once took and reminiscence about all the places you’ve been.  While their compact, folded design is perfect for navigation, it doesn’t make them the easiest to display and share with others. These laminated servings trays from Trays4us are the perfect solution.

The serving trays are available in 100 different designs including 25 of California. Our favorites are the San Francisco Street Map Tray and the San Francisco Bay Area Street Map Tray.  Both designs beautifully and accurately represent the area because they are taken from Global Graphics maps. The San Francisco Street Map option (pictured above) details the city streets and neighborhoods within San Francisco. The San Francisco Bay Area Street Map (pictured below) gives a broader view of the entire San Francisco Bay area. Nearby cities, major roadways, and topographic features are all labeled.

A staff in Redwood, California designs each tray before they are handcrafted in Scandinavia. Each tray is made from birch veneer taken from a sustainable and certified forest. The material is of the highest quality, both sturdy and light-weight. The laminated finish makes them easy to clean. Even red wine can be rinsed right off with no stains. The 12 x 16 inch design is the perfect size to hold drinks and appetizers. It is sure to be the center of conversation the next time you serve guests.  

These trays also make the perfect gift. If you know someone who once lived in San Francisco, fell in love with the city on a vacation, or celebrated a special moment there, a map of the area makes the perfect memento. With every use, they’ll be reminded of their favorite memories. The trays are especially loved by pilots and retired military members who once studied the city from above.

If you’re interested in purchasing either of the San Francisco trays, use our affiliate links listed below. When you click the link, we will receive credit for referring you. This allows us to continue sharing the best map products on the market with you.

San Fransisco Street Map Tray:

San Fransisco Bay Area Street Map Tray:

These trays are meant for serving drinks only, never for navigation. If you need a map for your next trip to San Francisco, check out the options we have available: San Francisco Street Map, San Francisco Laminated Street Map, San Francisco Transit and Street Map, San Francisco Map Package (for extra savings!)

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