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Global Graphics : Mapmakers

We have a different way of doing things!
We have a different way of doing things!

We are dedicated to creating the most accurate and user-friendly maps on the market. Our maps, based on satellite imagery and GIS data from several sources, ensure that information is up-to-date and complete. Our style fully utilizes color and clear symbology.

Mapmakers since 1967, GLOBAL GRAPHICS was founded in California in 1982, launching a product line which has grown to include all types of maps: detailed street maps, road maps, freeway maps, recreation, panoramic, topographic maps, and handy pocket-sized guidebooks utilizing maps.

The experience of Global Graphics' founder. H. J. Hesse, goes back to 1962. Like many European cartographers, training is basically as a civil engineer with a specialty in cartography. Global Graphics maps are made by European cartographic specialists who are serious about detail.

Many people ask "how are maps made?"

Generally speaking, the initial process involves aerial survey. In previous years, this was done by small planes flying over the land and photographing areas of the terrain.

These photos were compiled and "generalized", that is, roads, buildings, lakes, etc. were symbolized.

Now most of this photogrammetry is done by satellite.

For some projects, land surveys have been a traditional method of gathering data. All such data is compiled under the general heading "GIS" or geographic information systems.

We strive for accuracy and legibility, using color and symbology to make our products the most user-friendly on the market. Our data is based on several sources, including field research to ensure that they are up-to-date.

Our product line: all types of maps including detailed street maps, road maps, freeway maps, panoramic/topographic, and thematic maps. We also have Guidebooks some of which include not only descriptions of the City’s places of interest, but maps, photos, hotel, restaurant, museum, entertainment information, as well as suggested excursions in the surrounding areas.